UN/DEAD STUDIOS is a brand created at the design agency I worked for in 2017. When I joined the agency (Rogue Network), the brand was still in it’s infancy and it was part of my job role to help the brand come to life. I excelled in crafting and executing compelling e-mail campaigns, devising effective marketing strategies, and meticulously planning engaging content. Within the first 4 months I had managed to get more than 3000 new e-mail subscribers.  Additionally, I played a key role in designing all creative materials, ensuring they aligned with the brands identity and resonated with our target audience. Furthermore, I successfully created captivating content for various social media platforms, optimized Google ads for maximum impact, and used my photo editing and color correction skills for the all digital content. Lastly, I contributed to enhancing the user experience by designing visually appealing website content. After a couple of months, the Brand Manager reached out to me with an exciting proposal. They asked if I’d be interested in creating a set of apparel print designs for the upcoming drop. The theme was centered around religion, and I’ve included a few examples in my portfolio below for you to check out.